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I am from a small town in the South -- Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was never that popular or that much of a trouble maker. I thought she might have a diva type of attitude and she didn't. We don't go by Average Joe because we're going to have to start changing our name.

I was hoping she'd be a cool person and that we'd be able to get along. Our first proactive move to get us out there is that we have a song on the soundtrack to this movie.

The stars of the film, Mandy Moore and Shane West, have now reunited 17 years later and all that nostalgia is rushing back.pmg shane west can not be gay he is so hot i love him uhh he plays on er and a walk to remember by the way getting that movie and he just canted be gay that is like so gay if he is that would be really sad for me cause i would cry and cry and be sad all the time he was in the movies: A WALK TO REMEMBER, WHATEVER IT TAKES AND THE LEAGUE OF EXTRADOIRNARY GENTLEMEN.he's the hottest guy that ever lived and he was the hottest guy on the sitcom "once and again". Shane West's real name is Shannon, he changed it when he moved to Los Angeles. We didn't use the typical things like drugs or alcohol to tell the story. I can relate to him with his southern morays and attitude... I can relate in the sense that we're both from divorced families. I can understand where his emotions get a little hectic sometimes. We ran into some legal problems because it's taken by so many other things.

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  1. In short, I am a free spirited woman, and VERY passionate about things I believe in, Including. I can be a handful at times but am level-headed as well (not to worry) I have been an Entertainer for most all of my life.