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He was a friend to not only the Arab nations, but to Israel as well.Queen Noor shared the same longing for peace in the region and was a constant source of support to her husband.She is the eldest daughter of Najeeb Halaby and his wife Doris Carlquist.Her father, who helped to organize NATO under President Harry S.During this time she came to understand how difficult it is to break the cycle of ignorance and poverty.Years later she chose to focus her senior architecture and urban planning thesis at Princeton on a community development scheme in Harlem.King Hussein died of cancer February 7, 1999, during noon prayers (Miramax Books, 2003, 432).

Queen Noor's paternal grandfather, Najeeb Elias Halaby, was a Syrian immigrant of Lebanese descent, who immigrated to the United States at the age of 12.

An oil broker, he married an interior designer, Laura Wilkins in Texas. in Architecture and Urban Planning from Princeton University in 1974, Queen Noor worked on international urban planning and design projects in Australia, Iran, Jordan, and the United States.

Together they founded the successful Halaby Galleries in Dallas. During this time she traveled throughout the Arab world to research aviation training facilities.

Truman, is a former CEO of Pan-American World Airways, one-time head of the Federal Aviation Administration appointed by President John F.

Kennedy, and a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense.

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