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The ex-Montreal Canadien, who is just as much a thorn in the side of the Bruins as he was when he wore the bleu, blanc et rouge and was called “disgraceful” by Boston coach Claude Julien earlier in the series, broke a scoreless deadlock into the third period. Throughout the regular season and for the first two rounds of the playoffs, the Bruins had been a superb road team. With their loss in Game 5, the Bruins have now lost five straight road games in the playoffs and are 5-6 on the road.

Lapierre publicly stated prior to the series that he still hates the Bruins, and after Friday night the feeling is mutual for the Bruins and their fans. In a game like this one, where goals were very difficult to come by, the power play was crucial, and the Bruins blew a chance for the early lead by failing to convert four straight power plays to start the game. They haven’t won on the road since Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals.

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