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“There’s no doubt in my mind that it saved me,” he says.“The way I got hit, it hooked on underneath the bumper and lodged me between the curb and the bus.” The bus dragged Iero along the curb for about 10 feet before coming to a stop, at which point the band’s publicist was able to pull their van forward and release Iero, Nestor, and Clegg. Evan fell down onto the ground and said, ‘I can’t feel my legs!Thankfully, a cop on a bicycle nearby witnessed the entire thing and tied a tourniquet on Clegg’s leg, likely saving his life.Iero, Nestor, and Clegg were quickly admitted to a Sydney hospital, where they’d stay for two weeks before returning to the States for further treatment. No one that witnessed the accident thought that we would be.” Iero says he’s been working on trying to make sense of his near-death experience.They woke up, did a few interviews, and loaded into a passenger van heading to a local Twitter office to perform a few acoustic songs before their gig later in the evening.Iero; his brother-in-law and guitarist, Evan Nestor; his drummer, Matt Olsson; his manager, Paul Clegg; and his publicist were unloading at the office building when a public bus collided with them as they stood outside the vehicle.Maybe this is what happens when you die — your brain keeps going and you manufacture an existence.I thought that I was crazy for a while until I spoke with Paul and Evan and we had similar feelings on it. If this is existence, it’s yours now, and you have to make do.” Frank Iero and the Patience never made it to that Sydney gig.

Frank Iero has been thinking a lot lately about death.

I had this little briefcase pedal board that I had been carrying around with me.

I put that down and I turned around to say to Evan and Paul, ‘I think I’m just going to take the tuner out of here.’ I said, ‘I think’ — that’s all I got out of my mouth.” He compares the moment of impact to a particularly painful childhood sports memory: “Right before high school, a couple of friends [had] this pickup game of football.

Part of you wishes that it was over.” “The third is much weirder,” he continues.

“You wonder if you didn’t survive and if all this is an imagination.

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When you’ve met death and you can see firsthand how fragile we all are and how truly horrific death can be, you know that this is something you’re going to have to experience again.

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  1. "I really have to go in deep to explain really what happened, and to explain it in a way that I think that I remember it at five years old, not how I remember it now." Now that the memoir has been completed, Escovedo hopes to see it adapted for the big screen.