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During the reportedly contentious confrontation, Hoffman denied allegations made by Anna Graham Hunter, who accused him of groping her while she was a 17-year-old intern on the set of 1985 TV movie, Death of a Salesman.

Wendy Riss Gatsionis has also claimed that Hoffman made inappropriate comments to her during a pitch meeting in 1991 and Hoffman’s Graduate co-star Katharine Ross alleged the actor groped her during a screentest for the renowned 1967 film.

Three more women have accused Dustin Hoffman of sexual misconduct, following recent reports of four other women who have alleged the actor had sexually harassed and/or assaulted them.

In an exclusive with Variety, the three women claim the incidents happened in the 1980s.

Actress Kathryn Rosetter, who worked with Hoffman in a Broadway revival of Death of a Salesman, has also accused him of allegedly repeatedly groping her.

From the moment he first made his dent on the public consciousness as Benjamin Braddock, the confused young man/symbol of the generation-gap Sixties of Mike Nichols’ The Graduate, he helped signal a sea change in screen acting. What’s disappointing is that viewers never got to see how the story of Hoffman’s Ace Bernstein, a low-level gangster who did a three-year bid for some associates, played out.

About a week later, she claimed the actor invited her to the set for the last day of the shoot and she went.

After the shoot, she said she was going to leave, but claimed the actor asked her to stay for the wrap party.

But after that movie, short, ethnic and handsome performers could be considered leading men. But in the nearly 50 years since that one-two punch, he’s given us some of the most memorable turns in American movies: Watergate muckrakers and Judge Wapner-loving savants, existential detectives and enraged divorcees, psychopathic gangsters and profane stand-ups, two-bit crooks and first-rate schnooks. So in honor of the man entering eighth decade, we’re looking back on what we consider the 20 essential Dustin Hoffman roles – from his Oscar-winning performances to small-screen one-offs like his memorable Simpsons guest appearance. It’s a juicy part for the actor, who relishes in playing the silences, the slow-burn staredowns and the occasional outbursts – slam those palms down on the desk, Dustin!Two of the alleged events detailed by Melissa Kester and a person who requested to remain anonymous occurred while making the 1987 film, Ishtar and included alleged digital penetration.The other involved Cori Thomas, who was a friend of Hoffman’s daughter, Karina.So she left, and I was left in the hotel room with him alone.” Thomas claims that Hoffman then went to the bathroom and she heard the shower turn on. “It was the first time I had ever seen a naked man.After several minutes, she claims he came out in a towel, which he then shed. I was mortified.” She said he eventually put on a robe and allegedly asked for a foot rub, to which she acquiesced. She claims she didn’t tell her mother until decades later. She also claims she didn’t tell Karina, who later served as a bridesmaid in Thomas’ wedding, and didn’t share the story with anyone else until her daughter was born, seven years after the incident allegedly occurred.

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