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"These 'idols' virtually live in a fishbowl and are pressed to put on a smiley, happy face while behaving nicely 24/7," said cultural commentator Kim Seong-Soo, adding the strain could "cripple them emotionally." Such challenges are common among celebrities around the world, he told AFP, but are amplified in the hyper-wired South Korea, which has some of the world's fastest internet speeds and highest smartphone usage, and a society where pressure to conform is high.Taboos about mental illness dissuade many from seeking medical help, including public figures, he added.The band has found fame and fortune with multiple chart-topping albums and sold-out concerts at home and abroad since their debut in 2008.But a grittier reality lies beneath the glitz and glamour of the K-pop scene -- cutthroat competition, a lack of privacy, online bullying and relentless public pressure to maintain a wholesome image at all times and at any cost.Many struggle with a constant lack of sleep and privacy.

Her brother, also an actor, killed himself two years later, and her ex-husband, former baseball star Cho Sung-Min, followed suit in 2013.

I just watched that KBS India show, it was awkwardly fun and fun depending on the scenes.

One thing that will forever keep me wondering is what did Suho say to Minho after he pretended at night that he was too sleepy only to tell him in the morning that he will properly respond off camera.

Smiley happy face Many K-pop stars face tremendous pressure to look and behave perfectly in an industry powered by so-called "fandoms" -- groups of well-organized admirers who spend enormous amounts of time and money to help their favored stars climb up the charts and attack their perceived rivals.

In return, the stars are expected to tread carefully in an industry where today's most-fervent fans can be tomorrow's most vicious critics if their idols fail to meet their expectations -- or "betray" them.

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Many stars like Kim are picked up by agencies at a young age, usually in their early or mid teens, their lives then taken over by gruelling singing and dancing training, with the ever-present risk of falling foul of a cut-throat screening process.

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