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The New Millennium saw his career continue from strength to strength when he recorded 'Hey Baby' with No Doubt, which reached Number Five in the US Hot One Hundred and his 'Ghetto Dictionary Volume Two: Mystery' album received a Grammy Nomination in 2001.And in 2006 he released the compilation album 'Nah No Mercy – The Warlord Scrolls' through was arrested twice at Reggae Sumfest, in 2001 following a heated disagreement with another artist and again in 2008 for the alleged use of profanity during his performance, he has showed no signs of ever easing up the pressure.

Bounty established his own in New York in 1996 consolidated his reputation in America, spent six months on the Billboard reggae chart and sold a reputed 300,000 copies worldwide.[Chorus] We di gyal dem a cry for and lie for Whole heap of gyal woulda die for Gyal all a wonder, weh me get dem sex appeal yah?Baby, drink the Tiger Bone with the Tequila Monster Shack, a we di gyal dem after Give dem over and over, and dem still want brawta Woman a all a offer fi rent and charter Lord Woman a present me dem daughter [Verse 2] Well, a we di gyal dem want, and a locate 'Cause woman a take plane a fly state to state Gyal 'member mi name and dem a masturbate Dem wish them coulda see this smile upon my face Mi wife a tell me that, "the marriage, it is at stake" 'Cause everyday mi have another gyal.. Scare Dem Production, Monster Shack, just as that Nah no mercy I look, and I see, and I saw Sexy gyal dem is here to conquer Jesus Christ, Angel Doolas, dem gyal yah have the banker Anyway [Chorus] A we di gal dem a cry for and lie for Whole heap of gyal woulda die for Gyal a wonder, weh me get dem sex appeal yah?Sorry, me haffi leave you at this roundabout No doubt, gyal a follow me go east and south Jesus Christ, me a the gyal dem sport Hey!

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International Records Release Date : January 2019 Tracklist : 1.

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