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The group is so prolific in part because its members span time zones, an ocean.

In the two weeks I observed the chat I found members from the U.

Though a handful of posters preemptively mourned the Confederate flag, good old-fashioned American racism was relatively rare, perhaps because there were so few posters with whom it would resonate.

Yes, there were the requisite repugnant jokes about the intelligence of African-Americans and the work habits of Mexican-Americans, and yes, there were the requisite conspiracy theories about Jewish dominance of finance and the media.

This is the white supremacism of the future, and for two weeks I had a front row seat.

A lot of the mocking language in the group ("You transgender pan sexual mocca frapacino latte fluid based homosexual"; "No, you cis scum, I'm a trans hippopotamus") was completely of a piece with the trolls of the wider internet.And then I had to have a 14-line chat with the gatekeeper to the group, a guy who calls himself "Pa." It went exactly like this: Me: Hey- can I join the sf [Stormfront] group? They also discuss selfie sticks, steel beams, and rare Pepes. I learned of White Pride World Wide (WPWW) through a thread in the "Youth" subsection of Stormfront, the internet's leading white nationalist forum.In the aftermath of last month's massacre at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, dozens of reporters — including myself — swarmed the white supremacist web in an attempt to track terrorist Dylann Roof's ideological roots.But the effect was draglike, and the other posters made gentle fun of him.Another poster wrote longingly about his desire to look more Aryan, and he showed the group the blue colored contacts he bought to that end.

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