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The people you meet don't always resemble their photos. The company, in the hopes of accomplishing this goal, recently introduced “peer review,” a feature encouraging people to rate their matches as “quality person” or not, and then add more detail from there.The Grade includes this information in a public rating of each profile.“We really do believe this is now the holy grail in dating,” Cliff Lerner, The Grade’s CEO, told Buzz Feed News in an interview.Of men who had previously texted their business to a woman they met online, 90% said they would not do so knowing they could get peer reviewed, according to Lerner.

The app has been downloaded 100,000 times in about a year of operation, according to Lerner.But there’s one key difference, according to Lerner: There are no free-form reviews on The Grade.In other words, you can’t pen a screed about someone that everyone else on the app will see.New year’s resolution: respond to messages in a more timely fashion.The Grade does sound somewhat similar to Peeple, the much-derided, still-unlaunched app pitching itself as a place to post Yelp-style reviews of, yes, people.

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