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Despite all of the out of date Venezuela travel guide’s that I read, all of the information and mis-information, that was thrown at me, there were which nobody bothered to tell me… I was told that the fuel was cheap; sure I got that, message received.Nobody told me it was cheaper to fill up a car than to buy a bottle of water.In many of the Spanish speaking countries I visited, I found the locals made a special effort to understand me, almost out of pity, however in Venezuela; if my Spanish wasn’t absolutely perfect it was as if I was speaking in a different language.A Venezuelan friend later confided in me that many Venezuelans simply don’t want to make the effort with trying to understand foreigners and unless your Spanish is perfect, you’re not going to get very far trying to talk to some people.Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world and cheap, nearly-free, fuel is pretty much seen as a Venezuelan birth-right.I was absolutely amazed when I first pulled up to a gas station and my buddy filled up the car with the ‘higher quality’ fuel – it cost under 2 bolivars, a little less than 1 cent at the black market rate of 230 bolivars to the dollar.On numerous occasions, Venezuelans themselves would actually initiate the conversation which was not what I had expected.In the past, when visiting ‘dangerous’ countries, I have found locals to be very quiet when it comes to discussing their government due to an inherent fear of reprisals.

Almost everybody I met told me not to travel to Venezuela, some people even made it their mission in life to scare me out of visiting this amazing country.I knew travelling in Venezuela was going to be cheap but I had kind of assumed that this would mean that the quality of flights, accommodation, activities and food would be pretty poor; I could not have been more wrong.Paragliding with an experienced guide costs just , a ridiculously low price for an activity which requires expensive equipment and trained professionals.The really crazy thing is that, due to the fluctuating black market rates, the value of your dollars changes every day.I left civilisation for a five day trek when I returned the black market rate had skyrocketed yet again and, overnight, the dollars in my wallet were worth nearly 40% more.

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