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If the firmware update fails, follow the instructions below to update the firmware using the traditional method: a.Update the latest firmware package files from DJI official web site. Extract all downloaded files into the root directory of an SD card or USB flash drive. Turn off the remote controller, Insert the SD card into a SD card reader or the USB disk onto the remote controller USB port when remote controller is turned off. Power on the remote controller and wait 60 seconds until the upgrade begins. Please See DJI for up to date firmware information There is a LOT of confusion around controller in this update, please see below to see what you need to do regarding the update There are 2 versions of the P3 controller, Model GL300A and GL300B, the Model is written on the rear of the controller next to the DJI logo. pm=link&as=0001 Please Note: As with all my own blog post all links may be affiliate links and i may receive a small commission on any purchase bought through them , if you wish to support me then then are there otherwise you can navigate directly to DJI's website, thank you.Do not power off the remote controller during the update. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete the firmware update.The camera will sound a beeping sound and the Status LED on the remote controller shows solid blue to indicate the update is in progress.

Follow these steps to update the firmware via the DJI GO App. The remote controller has at least 50% battery level. Firmware update through the DJI GO app will not work with older versions of the remote controller firmware.Immediately, Windows Update will detect your system configuration and download all the appropriate drivers for your system.As you can see in the above screenshot, my Intel HD 3000 Graphics was installed automatically. In addition to other hardware components were also detected and installed which includes my LAN adapter and card reader.The Elitebook is a fairly recent model notebook which includes an assortment of hardware technologies.Out of the box though I did not get a complete system, for instance the Intel HD Graphics 3000 was not detected and I was instead limited to the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.

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