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but i STRONGLY suggest to install the homebrew channel/bootmii ; take a nand dump and then do what i said above ( use wad manager under IOS15 ) so that IF something fails you dont break the wii why would it be illigal to talk about this stuff?

ok the WADS you made by nusd aren't the most legal ones but still...

he update starts then i get the i can think is that when my stupid brother tried to do the same update while useing SNEEK it messed something up. (I would if I was at my computer..)The only other thing I can think of is I think a System Menu hack/patch that forces a error code to block online updates. And, no it can't be because of isnt a patch or a hack bcause i cant find any that work on menu 3.1 thats why i want to update All i can find on the error is that its a bad connection or the srver is bus. Edit: Btw, I just checked, and 3 months after our first battle with each other the product you are selling is still illegal. You seem to think that i'm part of developing/selling WGS.

but i know the connection is good and i have done it at different times of the day to try and overcome a busy server. Using Dop-IOS MOD: First install an IOS that accepts fakesigning if you do not have one. I now have a close friend who is going to complain to paypal and see that it gets removed immediately (he was successful at killing a couple sites with similar motives to yours).

upgrading trough WAD's require a trucha signed ios.because the wii is old (IF the wii was never downgraded before, im guessing 3.1 = an old wii) im guessing ios15 will still have the original trucha bug. (Wii 4.0 and down don't support SDHC, I have like 3 SDHC cards with adapter) If you have NSMBW ( and a SD card ) you can update your wii ( to 4.1 ) without any modifications 1.if you want to update the wii without installing the homebrew channel/bootmii as boot2 (which i REALLY fail to see why not) then i'd suggest trying to use wad manager under ios15... Use WUFE to extract the update partition of the disc ( this could be applied to any disc ) 2.ok so here is the thing upgrading the wii to 4.3 trough nintendo is risky cause the wii clearly is an old one that still has the old boot1/boot2.upgrading trough WAD's require a trucha signed ios. Attempt to downgrade to another version using Preloader Damn, this is really difficult Girls are such a headache -.- Once I have larger SD card, I'll try your idea.

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