Updating in mysql

As with most things in life, this is best demonstrated through an example.The following SQL statement is designed to change the product description column of a row in a table where the prod_id column is equal to 12134.The UPDATE statement requires a few items of information in order to operate.Firstly, it needs the name of the table that is to be updated.

In this chapter we will cover the issue of updating and deleting data in table rows.Secondly, it needs to know which columns are to be updated, and the new values for those columns.Finally, it needs information about which specific rows are to be updated (controlled by the WHERE keyword).It means that you can use the INSERT or UPDATE statement to insert or update rows of the base table through the updatable view.In addition, you can use DELETE statement to remove rows of the underlying table through the view.

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If you already created your My SQL database, and you decide after the fact that one of the columns is named incorrectly, you don't need to remove it and add a replacement; you can simply rename it.

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