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Specifically, several authors have argued that the presupplementary motor area (pre SMA) is the primary site for motor inhibition and action updating (10–14).

Note, however, that it is also possible that r IFC could mediate both attention inhibition.

One cortical region in humans that is critical for behavioral updating is the right inferior frontal cortex (r IFC).

In particular, studies using response-inhibition paradigms, such as the stop-signal task and the go/no-go task, have shown that r IFC is important for stopping actions (6).

Therefore, if a region is crucial for visual detection of a relevant change in the environment, then disruption of this region should increase the stop and dual-response latency.

Third, dual- and stop-signal trials each require the updating of a global action plan.

We are confronted every day with multitask situations in which different courses of action can be followed.

Brain systems in the right inferior frontal cortex have been identified as critical for some aspects of behavioral updating, such as stopping actions.

A first alternative explanation is that r IFC could have an attentional role (10–13).

The attentional hypothesis assumes that r IFC mediates detection of stimulus change, whereas other cortical regions control inhibition and updating of actions.

Evidence from human neuroimaging has shown that r IFC is involved in reprogramming a motor response when a “go” stimulus is replaced by another go stimulus (16).

This suggests that r IFC could be important for the selection of an action in the face of a concurrently activated action plan.

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