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“Boytoy, if you like.” This caught Mike’s attention.

He admired Julia’s motivation to remove the predatory connotations from cougar dating and normalize age-gap relationships.

“So that’s why you join Toyboy Warehouse.” Julia Macmillan was in her early 50s when she decided to try online dating.

She sees the youthful face, the fit physique, and she zeroes in, single-minded in her pursuit.“He’s basically the driving force behind everything that’s great that you see on the website,” Mike said.Elle Cuthbert-Edkins is the Head of Customer service and Community.The social stigma against age-gap relationships pressures older women and younger men to deny their inner desires and stick to their own age group. K., one dating site works to do away with the stereotype and encourage connection with the person you’re attracted to.Upending social convention, Toyboy Warehouse is a dating site meant for cougars and toyboys (or “boytoys,” as we say in the U. Started in 2007 as a pioneer in the space, today it is the largest cougar dating site in the U. With 150,000 members to their name, Mike Bandar, Director of Toyboy Warehouse, is proud of what the site has accomplished in just over nine years.

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