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There are many reasons we fall into the debt hole: failed marriages, student loans, buying a new car, and simply by mismanaging money.

Whatever the case may be, there are ways to take control and live debt-free.

A secured personal loan requires you to be a homeowner, and allows you to access more money and a lower interest rate.

However, an unsecured loan allows you to get your money sooner since it’s a quicker fulfilment process.

When you pay off debt with a consolidation loan, you only owe money on the new loan, helping to simplify your debt repayment schedule and reduce interest charges, particularly if some of your old debts were overdue. It’s simple: The best way to consolidate debt really depends on your goals. Choose monthly payments – you’ll be less overwhelmed since you only have to remember one deadline a month. No matter your payment schedule or loan term, consider setting up automatic payments – the money will come out of your bank account on the day you choose.

With automatic payments, you don’t have to worry about late or missed loan payments, helping you stay on track and pay off your consolidation loan on time.

Staying up at night, worrying about how you will pay your bills.

When in debt, you are: Constantly playing catch up on past-due bills.

Filtering calls from debt collectors and making minimum payments on your credit cards.

If you have multiple outstanding bills and debts, a debt consolidation loan may be right for you.

Consolidating your debt is especially helpful if you struggle to keep track of your payments.

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