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however, as an adult, this tradition doesn’t perfectly align with my ideals.

It’s this never ending curiosity for me that makes life so interesting. Hannah was a sweet, drama-free contestant on Colton's season, and Dylan was basically the male version of that on Hannah B.'s season. was a fan-favorite and one of Colton's final three: Summertime, my kinda season.I’m glad @melissasheltonphoto captured one of these moments. ♥️ A post shared by KATIE MORTON (@katieemo) on Thus far, Chris did end up going on a date briefly, but otherwise only has eyes for Katie. So two people who seem like they have similar personalities bonding together after their shared heartbreak (or at least, that's one narrative we could get). 🤗 My favorite looks brought to you by @sheinofficial x @Shein_us.—- Hit the link in my bio & use my code SBSHG15 to save 15% off the entire SHEIN site ✨ #SHEINbeachseason #ad Bathing Suit: 728594 Shorts: 707974 A post shared by Hannah Godwin (@hannahg11) on cute chemistry. Hannah is also venturing forward with Blake (sigh) and Wills, although she turns him down politely in the second episode.They met, fell in love, got engaged at the end of their season, and came back to film their wedding this season.So who are the couples that we know are leaving the show planning their future together?

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There are also shots of her weeping and smiling, so it sounds like it's a bit of a long road to love for the two, but that could also be the producers wanting to keep spoilers to a minimum.

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