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But then again, he was raised by Cory and Topanga."We should hang out again soon, bud," Lucas suggested. She was wearing a baby blue flowy top under a faux leather jacket with a pair of skinny jeans.

He didn't have any younger siblings, or a brother, so he liked spending time with his girlfriend's little brother."I get it, spending too much time with Riley does that to ya," Auggie commented, once again earning a laugh from Lucas. She wore her hair straight tucked behind her ears and parted down the middle. Her eyeliner was winged, she wore mascara, and a light pink blush stained her cheeks.

It's no secret that Riley and Lucas are in a relationship.

Cory got up and went to the kitchen table where folders of tests were scattered across. " Cory said."No, Lucas and Riley," Topanga replied in a 'duh' tone."Oh, them," Cory answered. ""When we were younger," Topanga said, "the innocence of young love. The way they believe in each other so much and that they can tell each other anything.Her internal conflict results in her acting strange around her friends and ultimately breaks up with Lucas.But how long will she be able to keep her secret from him before it all blows up in their faces? Before you start reading my new multi-chaptered fic, let me just get some things across.Lucas became a big brother figure to Auggie, something that Auggie's always wanted.Lucas would play with Auggie when Riley wouldn't, and he's been teaching him how to play baseball with the help of Cory.

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