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As unfathomable as most might think it is, western men marrying Thai bar girls or prostitutes in Thailand isn’t an uncommon occurrence.In fact, for a sizeable percentage of western men in Thailand, whether on vacation or living here, the only Thai girls they date are bar girls from the local sex industry.Yet, when these same men come to Thailand, possibly because of the way the Thai bar girls look (slim, elegant, exotic and beautiful), the reality that the girl is a prostitute seems to evade them. Just about all of them can spot a Thai bar girl a mile off due to the way they dress, the way they speak, and the way they act.What they don’t consider, however, is dating or marrying a Thai bar girl can damage their reputation, as well as their future career prospects. So when they meet a western man who is obviously dating or married to a bar girl, they will usually lose respect for him.I met a bar girl recently who told me a story about how she had just managed to get enough money out of two western guys for a boob job she had wanted.She had met both guys while they were on holiday in Bangkok, convinced them she was their girlfriend, and then kept in contact with them when they went back home so she could ask for money.After all, where a majority of Thai men still make low salaries, western men, even the poorly paid ones, usually make more.

What the man doesn’t realize is the Thai girl has several other western ‘boyfriends’ too.Boyfriends currently living in other countries who are also sending money every month to the same girl, believing she is their girlfriend.Some of the girls do this for years, even managing to save enough money to buy themselves or their parents a house – all funded by the unsuspecting western ‘boyfriend’.So, if you think your Thai bar girl is in the relationship for love, think again. Thai Bar Girls Have Other Men – Many western men come to Thailand on vacation, and meet and fall in love with a Thai bar girl.On return to their own country, these men send money to their new Thai girl friend every month.

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The girl doesn’t know much about the world outside Thailand, and would rather spend her time in front of soap operas or gossiping with her friends.

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