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#It needs some TLC but it doesn't have any significant pitting, and everything works fine.

#The rear handle isn't great cosmetically, but I won't be using that anyway. Paul, I think you're right about the #5, according to the Stanley plane dating flowchart, it's a Type 19 which was made from 1948-1961.

The second looks like it's probably '50s or early '60s... I was going to point out that that study is based on a Type 4 and there are subtle differences in the larger and smaller planes, but then I found this quote on their Website: The types are listed for the #4 size bench plane.

Most of the other bench planes follow the features listed below, with some minor differences.

Since it’s fresh in my head, I thought I’d document what articles I used for research and what tools I ended up buying based on that research.

I've got a line on a local Stanley jointer plane that looks to be in good shape, and I could probably get for cheaper than what's on ebay because I wouldn't have to pay shipping. They don't easily allow the vacuum to form that can grab a flat soled plane and stop it in it's tracks on a very smooth piece of wood.

Course if I ever built a mando it'd probably look like a lapstrake boat with Shaker influences. I like the corrugated bottoms just a little better for most uses. If I had a choice between two planes that were otherwise identical, I'd probably take the corrugated one, but I'd take a flat bottom if it were in better condition. If you've ever had a plane suddenly "stick" to a board you're "shooting", you'll know what the corrugations are for.

Next, I suggest watching videos of woodworkers on You Tube.

You can see what kinds of tools they use in real projects. You can also see a great overview of common hand tool usage in this video from Mike Siemsen.

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I have two full-size (26″) Disston handsaws, one 4 PPI D-8 rip cut and one 10 PPI D-7 cross cut, both manufactured around 1900.

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