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This definitely makes the whole bomb-defusing process a lot easier.~ Bomb frequency also seems to have decreased significantly - you may find that certain characters don't bomb you once in a single game! Characters such as Saeki and Hariya can have as many as 5 endings each! You no longer have to worry (much) about bad skinship with the guys, as most of the CGs now don't have negative skinship points.Konami has added two more "secret characters" into the mix to up the interest factor, and you'll find that this fantastic sequel holds many new quirks for exploration. It all takes place on a NDS, so you'll be able to poke/molest your dating prospects at your own leisure :) If you've played this game before (whether on a PS2 or NDS), you'll definitely want to try out 2nd Season.It's chock-full with lots of new CGs, extra scenes, extra love sequences, and of course, Skinship.When you finally reach Hanegasaki High, you run into Saeki once more, and he's less than pleased to have someone who knows about where he works in the same school. You have 21 save slots to fill, so knock yourself out :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLAYING THE GAME ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ //Events// [evnt] Exams You periodically get exams during the school year, and your results are determined as follows: Languages (Japanese/English) – 100% Intelligence Mathematics – 80% Intelligence, 20% Social Elective Courses – 60% Style, 40% Intelligence Art – 90% Art, 10% Charm Home Economics – 80% Social, 20% Fitness If you're aiming to impress guys like Saeki, Hikami, Wakaouji-sensei or Amachi with your brains, aim to get a good ranking and keep your parameters up when the exams draw near.In short, he tells you not to let anyone know about his status, and you head on for the entrance ceremony. And if you're bordering in the single digits for your Intelligence parameter, be prepared for remedial sessions with Wakaouji-sensei for a week :| Sports Day Occurs each year on the second Saturday of every June.The main gripe I have about the EVS is that it hasn't really improved much from 1st Love - most of the longer name combinations will still be drastically shortened. You might want to base your answers on which guy you want to get and which parameters are required for them. The basic layout on the touch screen: Sleep | Study | Paint | Club | *Join/Quit Club Exercise | Read Magazines | Groom | Hang out (Girls) *Call | *Go Out | *Yuu | **Taku | **Tarou | Wardrobe | Internet | Option | Calendar | Email | DATA | * accessible only on weekends/ public holidays ** accessible on weekdays, only after certain events take place ... SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : Saeki, Shiba, Wakaouji Grooming increases Charm, a bit of Style and a tiny bit of Arts. Mizushima Hisoka increases Social, Arts, and a bit of Charm. He decreases your Intelligence, Arts, Fashion and Charm. Baseball increases Social and Fitness, decreases Charm, Intelligence, Arts and Style. SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : None Track and Field increases Fitness, Social and Arts. You'll see 3 available optons: - Check your current status with everyone you know (including bombs) - Check information on particular guys/girls (also how you get phone numbers and birthday dates registered on your calendar) - Skinship Lesson The skinship lesson's pretty interesting - you get to try out different skinship techniques on your underage male neighbour.Awkward name sequences don't register either :( (Definitely where the PS2 version wins out! The studious type: Intelligence 60, Arts 45, Style 45, Fitness 35, Social 30, Charm 45. And the parameters on the left screen: Stress ストレス | Rich リッチ度 Intelligence 学力 | Arts 芸術 Fitness 運動 | Social 気配 Style 流行 | Charm 魅力 Sleeping reduces your Stress, but it also lowers the rest of your parameters. SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : Saeki, Hariya, Amachi Exercising increases Fitness and a bit of Social. It decreases Social, as well as a bit of Fitness and Intelligence. Nishimoto Haruhi increases Social, Fitness and Style. She decreases a bit of Fitness, Style, and Intelligence. Majima Tarou increases a LOT of Stress, and a bit of Fitness, Social, Fashion and Charm. SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : Shiba (3rd year) Lacrosse increases Fitness, Social and Charm. Well, if Konami finds it socailly acceptable, then it must be!

Heartless villagers expressed their hatred in violence towards this mermaid maiden, so she had no choice but to return to the sea. They believed that someday, the ocean would bring them together again. How to get: cdg, cdh, ceh, cfg, cfh The neutral type: Intelligence 45, Arts 45, Style 45, Fitness 45, Social 40, Charm 40. The horoscope sections appear in this order: ~ Study (affects... lol) ~ Leisure (affects playing with the girls, painting, reading mags, non-sports club activities, as well as Komori/Tarou commands) ~ Sports (affects exercising, sports club activities) ~ Love (affects grooming and success when calling for dates) Note that a ": D" grants the activity a 95% success rate, whereas a "X(" gives only a 5% success rate.(more on that in the Skinship section) ~ And best of all: All the dialogue gets voiced this time round.Even that of the random classmates/date disturbers/extra people involved in events. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STARTING THE GAME ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ //Basic Configuration// [cnfg] L button - Skip dialogue. More to come; stay tuned :) If you wind up seeing gibberish on the page, you need to change your browser settings: For IE users, right-click/encoding/Japanese (Shift-JIS) For Firefox users, view/encoding/Japanese (Shift_JIS) For optimum viewing, I recommend using Google Chrome.It's also the long-awaited sequel of the PS2 version - Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 2nd Kiss.

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After bidding farewell to the mermaid, day after day, the young man continued to scan the ocean horizons. How to get: adg, afg, bfg, ceg, cfi And the section for the accidental kiss: 4) What type of guy do you like? The calendar is a handy option when planning your dates, study times, etc.

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