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Figure, immagini senza tempo, radicate nella cultura meso-americana da tempi pre-ispanici e reinterpretate continuamente da Montalvo il quale dona forma umana a elementi naturali e ad animali.

Some trivia about the greenhouse effect: one of the most important contributions to the greenhouse effect on Earth is the methane gas, which is given out by cows when they fart.The surface temperatures are estimated to be about 500 degrees celsius (high enough to melt lead and zinc), which is higher than that of Mercury's surface temperature despite being so much further away from the Sun.The greenhouse effect also causes the day and night temperature of Venus to be of no significant difference, despite the fact that a Venusian night lasts about 116.75 Earth days, giving it a long time facing away from the Sun.If you remember your chemistry, this fellow also provided us with our theory of acids and bases: acids are substances that donate H ions, bases are substances that donate OH- ions. Certain kinds of gas molecules, such as water, carbon dioxide and methane, are very adept at absorbing infrared radiation, more so than other kinds of gas molecules.Simply speaking, these gas molecules are able to absorb infrared radiation and start vibrating, whereas others like oxygen and nitrogen, dislike infrared radiation, because they don't really have any way of properly dealing with the energy if they absorb it.

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