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3.1 This User Agreement and any amendments and supplements herein enter into force from the moment of their publication at //ru/mail-help/UA. 3.2 A user has a right to reject amendments and supplements to UA, which means his rejection to further use of Mail. When signing up, User creates Login and Password, necessary for subsequent access to an electronic mailbox, and also fills in information including secret question and answer used for restoring a password.Consent of User with User Agreement provisions is expressed by clicking Register button located under the email signing up form, signing up in any Mail. User accepts that safety of the electronic mailbox depends on Password complexity (number and type of characters) and information (secret question and answer).4.1.2 Mail.1.1 The subject of this User Agreement (UA) are relations between Mail. Ru Services may contain advertisement, presence of which is a necessary provision for the use of Mail. is a service that provides transmission, accumulation and processing of User correspondence in the electronic form by means of web interface at the address //ru and special hardware and software along with granting to User a unique Mail address as follows : [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and mailboxes (with possibility of storing User incoming or outgoing messages).2.8.

Type App: looks the same as Blue Mail graphically.. Nothing can prove me all my personal data is not used for something else (commercial? When you think an app like is used by 10 Millions users and more...

The danger with malicious apps: they are not contacting your mail server directly, they give your login information (mail address and password) to a dedicated server, which will do the connection to the mail server, and download all your mailbox. First one :p After configuring the app, some externals IP addresses are connecting on the server: .202,

Then, your phone is only refreshing or getting email through this dedicated server, using HTTP or HTTPS access (like web browsing). I will connect these app on it, and I will see which IP addresses access my mail server on live on the logs... My Mail: can't choose a personal IMAP mail : D So I can't test. According to whois, these are Amazon IP addresses, but don't have more info.. IP addresses on my mail server: 54.1 and After the app removal, I still have access attempts too... Access from,,,,, ... In contrary with Type App or Bluemail, which does external access and direct access from the phone, when you refresh the mails on's app, it's only a Russian IP which is connecting to the mail server.. So, for my part, I can't trust this kind of applications, which are not using the standard way.

This is the best advice I can tell: always be careful with applications you're using.

You can use for example K9mail, open source software and very trusty app.

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