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It really depends on the individual and the specific issues. Relationships in general are really about weighing what you can live with and what’s a deal breaker. There will be triggers that will make it worse or better as you experience life’s ups and downs; are you prepared to deal with the lows? As far as the other person: It depends on the specific condition and level of severity and frequency.

No matter how healthy the spouses were when they got married.

They take a pill in the morning, maybe another at night. Indeed, some conditions might be hereditary, many are not. At the same time, some personality traits are difficult to live with and those seem to be passed down through the generations. If you can laugh together as you work through the hard times … If you can help each other accomplish dreams and goals…. Even if you do spend more time at the doctor than others. Just because someone is diagnosed with a mental disorder does not mean they can’t be in a normal, happy and very functional relationship.

Some might have to watch what they eat, or carry an insulin kit and measure their food. Also, know that most children inherit some issue from their parents. At the same time, there are many other aspects of marriage where you have to support each other. Many accomplished people have some level of mental disorder, and you wouldn’t know it.

“I have a simmcha out of town.” “I have a huge deadline at work.” “My single is out of the country and we will not be able to have a conversation about this shiduch.” Similarly, many shadchanim expect to hear back from both ‘sides’ the morning after the date. Time zones, unaligned work schedules, the single needs some ‘awake’ time to process.

If you know before the dates that it will be impossible to update the shadchan until the day after, let her know upfront.

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They appreciate the people around them and everything in their lives.

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