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Even if both people have decided to go their own way, the separating is just as meaningful and should require as much care as the wedding. You might think, “If it doesn’t work out, I’ll just get back out there and date.” You will eventually, sure, but the connection you had with your former husband/wife isn’t necessarily that easy to replicate.

Diving into another relationship might serve as a temporary distraction, but unless you do the hard emotional work to process what you’ve been through, you can’t truly connect with someone new. Even when you’re in a relationship you might find other people attractive.

One partnership needs to be complete before another one can truly begin. After everything I was witnessing as an unintentional outsider, it was also the turning point that finally woke me up to the realization that I wanted to be married.Life will present you with ups and downs, and that’s no different whether you’re single or married.The challenges themselves aren’t an indication whether or not a marriage is successful. If you don’t have a mindful way of dealing with life’s difficulties, it won’t make any difference whether you’re single or married.Marriage is so much more than a checkbox you tick off or a Facebook status or something you want to do to fit in with your friends.It’s a deliberate and conscious decision to journey that part of your life with your partner.

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