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Goal: Cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest followed by a complete loss of brain function Barbiturates are employed by almost all companion animal veterinarians as the second injection in the two-injection protocol or sometimes as the sole injection.Many different preparations of barbiturates are used to overdose animals quickly.Some animals react to the sting of the needle when delivered intramuscularly, but it can easily be included in IV preparations.Xylazine is includes in many first-injection cocktails.A common misconception many pet owners have is believing sedation is beneficial for anxious pets when travelling.As it can have adverse effects, our resident vets here at Jetpets strongly discourage sedating pets and instead suggest other alternatives to calm anxious pets.

Mixed with opiates and other drugs, it also works well for painless intramuscular injection in cats.

The problem is that propofol (nicknamed “milk of amnesia” for its white color) is expensive compared to the above two alternatives.

Still, it’s highly effective and commonly employed in the two-injection euthanasia protocol.

So at the risk of overloading you with information, here’s an explanation of the most common method of euthanasia private veterinarians employ in their practices with explanations about the drugs that are typically involved: But before we go there, let me first explain the goal, as described by the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Guidelines For the Euthanasia of Animals in its 2013 edition: “When euthanasia is the preferred option, the technique employed should result in rapid loss of consciousness followed by cardiac or respiratory arrest and, ultimately, a loss of brain function.

In addition, animal handling and the euthanasia technique should minimize distress experienced by the animal prior to loss of consciousness.” With that in mind, the currently favored method of achieving this goal in veterinary private practice settings is the so-called “two-injection method.” In this approach, an initial injection goes either in the vein (intravenous) or in the muscle (intramuscular), to elicit extreme sedation.

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That’s why it behooves us veterinarians to always make plain the euthanasia methodology we intend to employ.

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