Second chance dating

Every day tons of new ideas comes in our head and we would like to share it with our community. That will be you who will see all this first and that could be you who will choose what will appear in the game! New features The new features in game are always good.

Animation, additional scenes, secret places and storylines. Working full-time on this project we could realise a lot of interesting features.

Watching her trusted confidante die as she stood among a sea of flames, her tattered heart was pierced by an arrow shot by the one she loved most. Resurrected as a palace maid carrying out the most menial of tasks in Beimin’s imperial palace, she is resolved to take revenge and save her younger brother.

However, many devilish and vindictive nobles stand in her way as she navigates through the dangers of court politics. Or will she reach for the chance at happiness before her?

But she is fascinated with the team leader known as Hero.

One day a shadow figure appears and tell Lugis, “Let me give you a chance.

A chance to redraw your life.” And so, Lugis is given the opportunity to be sent to the past to restart his life.

You can also get assistance with writing your resume, preparing for interviews, or learning how to negotiate a job offer.And YOU is the person who will decide wich of them will appear! More backgrounds The town consist of different places which are linked by each other's. Backgrounds are the most difficult part of creating art.Most games are using 3D renders for creating backgrounds.In Second Chance our artist creating all the backgrounds from zero.Additional backgrounds will make the story much more dynamic.

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