Rules dating ukrainian women

Always keep in mind you are cool guy, don’t show this, but keep this in mind and try to behave slightly active and sure in everything, try to be such self-confident mount-man.

The main mistake is to overestimate your abilities.

She would think not about your great experience, but about the fact you are unstable, you would do the same with her sometimes and in the same way you would tell some other girl about your achievements in conquering Armenian girls; she would think you are the man whom she cannot trust.

You have to behave as real confident man, do not be silent, to ask some questions, and to listen, you have to be active in conversation but not overactive, take part in the conversation, but do not talk too much as it is not what real man do in conception of real man by Armenian girl; and not only, all the women don’t like when guy talks too much, as man should be judged for his actions, but not by his words.

What I would say if there is so called chemistry between guy and girl, communication flow and first date and all the other stuff would just flow quickly and you won’t even be able to understand what is going on and why the time passes by so quickly and it doesn’t matter is it between Armenian girl and American guy or between Australian girl and Ukrainian guy. Then maybe it is not your girl or it is just not your day, maybe you were not in the best mood or maybe there is something wrong with your future possible Armenian girlfriend so maybe she is not the best candidate to take this place?

Think over all those issues and try to figure out is it what you really want and if you strongly decide to have a great time on the date with Armenian girls, read some advices and keep to the certain rules.

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