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The vertically split engine cases included a separate compartment holding four Imperial pints of engine oil, creating a dry sump engine with an internal oil tank.

The oil was circulated by Enfield's unique reciprocating, double-acting piston pump with a replaceable felt filter.

The V-2 rockets of World War II ushered in the space age.

Based on the Super Meteor, compression went from 7.25:1 to 8.5:1, and it had hotter cams, a siamesed exhaust system, and an Amal 10TT9 racing carburetor.

Crankshafts were dynamically balanced at the factory to minimize vibration.

Norton's 49 horsepower 650SS was waiting in the wings, as was Triumph's 46 horsepower Bonneville.

Royal Enfield responded with one more power boost from the 700 engine when the Constellation arrived for the 1958 season.

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