Romanians dating in uk

Disclaimer: some people associate smaller penises and lower heights with cowardliness and bigger penises and big heights with warriors; that’s not true.There are many examples that show there’s no correlation between them: Irish, Turks and now that you know, Romanians, without even mentioning Mongols, Chinese and almost all Asian warrior cultures, having a history of wars and higher rates of violence.How would you get a country of shorter people and smaller penises? Since the dawn of Romania, 1000 years ago, it was always the males that were choosing their brides.Obviously, they went with the most attractive ones.

And the general consensus of people from Eastern Europe when visiting UK or US is the remark that “their women are ugly” while people from US or UK that visit Eastern Europe is that “their women are beautiful”.Another person mentioned communist incentives given to “beautiful” people to have more children - looks irrational, however he was on the right track, but still wrong nonetheless. To divert a little bit, I will mention the average penis size of Romanians, the smallest in EU: And surprisingly, the heat maps looks the same.Now before I will be harassed that I’m mocking Romanians, I’ll take a moment to excuse myself: this has a scientific explanation and logical grounds.You see, all over the world, where females were picking their males as husbands, they were inclined to pick the ones that were taller and having bigger penises.This is scientifically proven and you can google the research articles yourself.

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