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A very unique situation where you get to chat to a room full of strangers for 4 minutes each and by the end of the night you've made all these new connections that can potentially lead to a relationship in the future. Its a great opportunity to meet 18 single people close to your age in 1 night to see if you click.

Both events were run smoothly and I was impressed with the quality of the people that I was able to meet.

This kind of dating allows you to see if chemistry is present quickly, rather than spending weeks chatting online and committing lots of time to one date. A great way to meet single men, beats online dating any day too!

Met over 15 guys & had a chance to chat more in the break too. I felt so relaxed and comfortable meeting new men from all different walks of life. I now have 2 dates and 8 new male potential friends that could have male single friends that I could meet.

Of course not everyone will be your cup of tea but it’s a great way to break the ice when it’s so hard to meet people in Sydney.

The venue (Cohibar) was welcoming and cosy and the host was friendly. Friendly and informative hosts whereby nothing was a problem.

Once your date begins, you’ll have further dialogue options.Speed Dating for Ghosts is a cute game with some genuinely enjoyable moments, but its length is its biggest drawback.Two hours isn’t necessarily bad for a simple visual novel – until you divide that time among several stories that never intersect.These have a bigger impact, changing the direction of the date or altering that story’s ending, from choosing plays in a football game to pulling off a heist. Afterwards, you can still pick one of the other dates, and you can always visit the remaining rooms, which makes it possible to date every ghost in a single playthrough.Each ghost has a unique personality, and their stories are enjoyable.

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