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These are the moments that are most important in life; your sanity in the midst of residency will be greatly improved for making time for more of them.“The other part of keeping a relationship healthy is you need to schedule time together.

But you can avoid allowing the responsibilities within your career to override the importance of a full heart by to logically process actions or words that may otherwise offend you — if you tend to approach situations with a knee jerk sensibility.

For some, this is a difficult reality to accept and that difficulty is obviously compounded for residents because one doesn’t simply create time where there currently is none; however, you can make time where there will soon be some.

Meeting for dinner, a walk around the city, cuddling, holding hands…

Austin, a 3rd-year cardiology resident says, “I can’t stress the little things enough–if you’re leaving at AM to be rounding by 5, leave a note for your SO telling him/her how much you love them/have a great day/I’ll be thinking of you. When you are wiped out, this can be difficult, but trust me, it goes a long way in maintaining a relationship through residency.

Send an email from work when you have a few minutes of downtime. Bonus advice–keep doing this after residency–it keeps building a relationship, no matter how long you’ve been together.” Sometimes the stresses of residency blind you to just how lucky you may be to have found love.

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