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Thinking, coding, defining the sitemap, refining graphics, testing on mobile phones, tablets and computers. With a turnkey site, you should do everything on your own. Indeed, each one its job, and yours is not to know how to define the tree/sitemap of your website, and distribute the content on this or that page, or in this or that section.Le Juste Web have experience in creating the best sitemap, and know how many pages are good for your business, and how long they need to be.We know how to write interesting texts for your visitors, and choose the right keywords that will be relevant to your business.Defining a SEO strategy and knowing how to link the pages of your site is a mission that is familiar to us.

Our sites are really optimized and configured to be very fast to load.

The website we create for you handles these issues, and you do not have to worry about writing any line for the "Legal Disclaimer" page of your site: we will take care of it."Free" is an appealing offer: you will have a basic site, but as soon as you will want to add some functions (which seem obvious to you), you will have to pay 5 € more here, 10 € over there. And if you stick with the free formula, the provider will add its logo at the bottom of your website, which gives an amateur taste to your business, and does not entrust to your visitors. Conversely, the websites we develop all have an absolutely professional aspect, and your visitors perceive this pledge of seriousness, which works in your favor.

Turnkey websites are designed this way: a service provider develops a website template once, then offers you to choose the look of your website from a few dozens of different designs.

Indeed, the loading speed of a website is an essential criterion to have it rank high in Google.

And even if your site "seems" to load fast, do not believe it: Search engines take into account the loading speed to the milliseconds (ms).

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