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An ultrasound can confirm your pregnancy whether symptoms are present or not.Heartbeat In a 6 week ultrasound a fetal heartbeat is often detectable.Though it may look like a blob or bean on screen, the doctor or technician will likely be able to discern the head from the buttocks at this time.Yolk Sac and Chorionic Sac While developing in the womb, the fetus is encased by a circular liquid sac called the chorionic, or gestational, sac.The doctor determines the embryos location using patterns of blood flow that show up in the ultrasound.Fetal Pole Fetal pole refers to the general shape of the embryo.

Position One thing that will likely show up on a 6 week ultrasound is the location of the embryo.Within the chorionic sac lies the yolk sac, which provides nourishment to the embryo before the placenta and umbilical cord develop and begin to provide nutrients to the fetus. The above information only applies to an embryo that has grown for a full 6 weeks.Since many women experience irregular menstrual cycles, it’s difficult to date a pregnancy at this early of a stage.At this time 90 to 110 beats per minutes is a normal fetal heartbeat.If a fetal heartbeat is detected at 6 weeks it’s an indicator that the pregnancy is viable and likely not to end in a miscarriage.

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Vaginal ultrasounds are performed using a wand-shaped vaginal ultrasound machine that is inserted into the vagina to produce an image.

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