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Scientists said today that they had discovered remnants of human habitation under the Black Sea that they believe is the first proof that people thrived along an ancient shoreline before it was inundated by a great flood thousands of years ago. An underwater robot, scouting about 300 feet below the surface two days ago, found a rectangular area measuring about 12 feet by 45 feet on which there appeared to be a collapsed wood and clay structure.'' Artifacts at the site are clearly well preserved, with carved wooden beams, wooden branches and stone tools collapsed amongst the mud matrix of the structure,'' Dr. The expedition, sponsored by the National Geographic Society and others, is part of a project to survey the coastal waters of northern Turkey for signs of human settlement around the time of a great flood.

Ballard, the undersea explorer whose robotic devices have resolved many underwater mysteries, including the resting place of the Titanic, said an expedition he is leading had discovered a well-preserved structure that might be thousands of years old 12 miles off the coast of Turkey, near Sinop.

Shells from an extinct type of freshwater creature are all 7,000 years old or older, and shells from saltwater shellfish date from 6,500 years ago.'' We know that there was a sudden and dramatic change from a freshwater lake to a saltwater sea 7,000 years ago,'' he said, '' And we know that as a result of that flood a vast amount of land went underwater.'' Dr. Water poured in so rapidly, the Columbia researchers said, that it would have widened the surface of the lake by as much as a mile a day, submerging the original shoreline and causing any population to flee. Ryan said in an interview that he was thrilled to hear of Dr.

Ballard's discovery and was surprised that evidence of human habitation on the old shore had been found so quickly. Ryan likened the discovery to finding Pompeii, the ancient city buried by Mount Vesuvius.

Hiebert said the underwater structure closely resembled the wood-and-clay ''wattle and daub'' buildings still common in the area. Y., a branch of Columbia University, speculated in their 1997 book, '' Noah's Flood'' (Simon & Schuster), that melting European glaciers at the end of an ice age unleashed a great flood that changed a small freshwater lake into the saltwater Black Sea.

'' This style is distinctively Black Sea,'' he said.'' This discovery will begin to rewrite the history of cultures in this key area between Europe, Asia and the ancient Middle East,'' he said. Ballard said earlier studies of seashells from the area helped to date the underwater coastline. According to the book, melting glaciers raised the level of the Mediterranean, causing water to break through the narrow Bosporus and rapidly flood the lake.

Researchers have already identified a second site seven miles away. Hiebert of the University of Pennsylvania, chief archaeologist on the project, also was enthusiastic about the find, occurring two weeks into the five-week mission.

Paul, a university trained Jew, well skilled in the Hebrew language, the religion of the Jews and the writings of Moses, wrote in the early years of the Christian era, a letter to the church at Galatia (Galatians ).

The Exodus occurred therefore roughly 1,981 967 480 years ago (see Appendix 2) or 3,428 years ago or 1447 ± 1 year. As the chronologist compares the family trees or chronologies in the Bible, it is interesting to note that these lists use only whole years (e.g. Anywhere in this period of 12 months they are still 44.

This introduces a margin of error of up to 12 months or 1 year for each person or event in such a list.

Since Christ is recorded as having referred to Noah’s Flood as a past event it should be obvious that we need data that will take us back beyond 2,000 years.

The next date we can put down with reliable certainty is 967 .

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I believe it does and I believe it does this so clearly that no doubt should remain either about the timing or the nature of this judgment by God upon this earth.

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