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The only issue I have been able to find with a similar problem is here: #854 and I have tried disabling the jasper ore generation and it still freezes(on old and new world) and I have deduced that it could be a issue with dungeons. When the gregtech jar is removed I have no error or freezing.

A brief description on what I have done so far before the problem. I have looked at the forums repeatedly and looked through all relevant similar issues I could find. I have tried the gregtech-5.10.41version but it crashes the client (more later) The issue is this: I am running direwolf20 1.10.2 version from the FTB downloader. T3 I have tried to use an earlier version of gregtech such as 5.10.40 but this crashes the server and client and i feel like I have enough issues already with just the client and or server crashing by themselves.Also if I run gregtech 5.10.41 in singleplayer it still receives the over-fill issue.I am not saying that the game is in a miserable state but due to many reasons (either on developer’s side or user’s side), users are experiencing plethora of issues.However, these issues can usually be fixed with some workarounds and temporary solutions.

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