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The fact that this is not true for these peptide biosynthetic enzymes may reflect the ability of other enzymes to substitute for PC1, PC2 or CPE and the inability of any other enzyme to substitute for PAM.Amidation occurs in two steps: peptidylglycine α-hydroxylating monooxygenase (PHM), which binds two copper ions, catalyzes the stereospecific hydroxylation of the α-carbon of the peptidylglycine substrate (Merkler et al., 1992; Noguchi et al., 1992; Prigge et al., 2000); peptidyl-α-hydroxyglycine α-amidating lyase (PAL) then catalyzes cleavage of the N-Cα bond, producing glyoxylate and the bioactive amidated peptide ().More than half of all neuropeptides must be α-amidated to be bioactive (Eipper et al., 1992; Eipper and Mains, 1988; In et al., 2001; Merkler, 1994).PAM (EC is the only enzyme known to catalyze this reaction.The neuropeptides share a biosynthetic pathway with distinct differences from that of the small molecule transmitters ().The m RNAs encoding prepropeptides are translated in the cell soma.

The key transporters/chaperones involved in providing copper to PAM are indicated.Like other m RNAs encoding secreted proteins, they include an N-terminal signal sequence that is removed co-translationally.The propeptide is then modified by the same machinery used for the synthesis of integral membrane proteins and other secreted proteins to ensure proper folding, disulfide bond formation, phosphorylation and glycosylation.The active site sits in a cup formed by the loops connecting various β-strands.The active site includes a Zn(II) ion coordinated to three His residues.

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