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NJ NEXT Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Patti Stanger, star and executive producer of “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” brings her no-nonsense advice for helping singles find love to Mayo Performing Arts Center Feb. Beloved for her sassy straight talk, the third-generation matchmaker, who’s recently re-entered the dating pool (proving coaches When it comes to creating a profile that’ll prevent prospects from swiping left, Stanger starts by focusing on photos.“Candid shots better than professional shots but I think you should mix those up,” she says.It’s fast, easy, convenient, and there’s a never-ending stream of singles at your disposal. But wait, is online dating really everything it’s cracked up to be?Everyday now there seems to be more apps and websites that are coming out claiming that their website can help you meet the person of your dreams.When you find the right one, you know, and everything clicks.

She advises going to favorite places as opposed to new ones where service could be less than stellar, causing your date to take a downturn. “Do something you enjoy: going to the theater, going to the beach, getting a bottle of wine and watching the sunset. If you don’t plan anything, if you don’t get the flowers, and you don’t get the gift, and you don’t get him something, no one’s getting laid that night. I’m not really into Valentine’s Day.’ No, every girl’s into Valentine’s Day and every guy should be if he wants to get some…” Connect with Patti For those who are out of town or can’t make it to see Stanger on her first tour, check out her website, Patti and register to be included in her weekly webinars.Catch up on season 1 on down load, @hulu @itunes @amazon! The Millionaire Matchmaker originally aired on Bravo, but it was later rebranded and now lives on We TV as M.Check out whose on this season: @vinnyvinsane @danielseanmaguire @kellybensimon @claudiajordan @1tiffanyfoxx @donnaderrico @darealmonielove @christopher_lourdes @rhondawills Watch the premiere with me as I #live #tweet @ twitter and answer your questions! The name may be different, but the idea is the same. It’s entertaining, surprising, and feels so good to watch.After graduating college and spending a short time as the Marketing Director of a dating website, Patti Stanger decided to launch her own matchmaking company. But what they got in return was Stanger’s matchmaking skills and a plethora of eligible dates. Direc TV – 260 Time warner – 61/ 172 hd Dish – 128 Comcast – 122 / 822 hd Att – 372 / 1372 hd Verizon fios – 149/ 649 hd A post shared by Patti Stanger (@pattistanger) on Life changed forever when television producers came knocking at Stanger’s door.With her special combination of tough love and a knack for predicting who would have chemistry, Patti Stanger successfully helped launch hundreds of relationships. Season 2 #milliondollarmatchmaker airs august 4th 10 pm! The reality show based on her approach to matchmaking and exclusive club was an instant hit.

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So you select and unselect a few boxes and suddenly you have in front of you all the singles that have everything you want. If you’re serious about meeting someone on a dating website you should know immediately that the competition out there is very real.

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