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Interestingly, this page only appears on mobile browsers.If the user tries to visit the URLs on a desktop computer or laptop, they are sent to a random Facebook user's profile.It is currently on sale for 0.8874 bitcoins which is equivalent to approximately £280 based on the exchange rate at the time of an adult-orientated website and social network in which members can create profiles, send personal messages and share explicit pictures.For instance, in other such scams, Symantec observed that the hacked accounts had a different username, full name, profile picture, bio and more.However, in this case, the scammers did not upload any new images and neither did they change the usernames."It is unclear why these two identifying traits have been discarded.However, everything else remains in tact, including the modified profile image and link," Narang added.

The influx of affected Instagram accounts identified by Symantec's Response team showcases a scenario when a hack could not only compromise your account but also damage your online reputation through profile alterations."To stay safe when using Instagram, you should turn on your two-factor authentication, which would automatically send a verification code to your mobile device when you try to log in from an unrecognised device.Tens of millions of credentials reportedly stolen from an adult dating website called have been put up for sale on the dark web.Currently listed on an underground marketplace called The Real Deal the information reportedly contains email addresses, plain text passwords, usernames, IP addresses and date of birth records.Tech giants including Facebook and Netfilx were among many who initiated forced password resets for their users, following the breach.Two-factor authentication Symantec urged people to activate the two-factor authentication system for the Instagram accounts, to ensure that they don't fall victim to such cyberattacks.

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