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In short, when she needs a meal or some companionship or whatever is convenient for her needs....will pay attention. Seems like she has a pretty good arrangement focused entirely upon you giving her what she wants whenever she wants it and can then put you back on the shelf until needed again.

I'm just trying to figure this girl out before making a commitment to her. She's been emotionally hurt by men in her past, whether that be with her father or previous relationships and she doesn't want to become emotionally attached only to get hurt again. Maybe the reason why she takes so long to respond depends on if she's with that other person at the time. You can resign yourself to being nothing more than friend with benefits to her, which isn't really a bad thing, or just say the hell with it and move on completely.

Keep in mind, I am not clingy and this is not a case of me calling/texting too often.

I've never had this problem with other girlfriends.

After all, we do not want to chase after something that is not going to happen, and we do not want to chase after a mirage.

Most beta males have too much feminine energy and many of them are lazy emotionally.

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It says the person has deep-seeded anger and is very negative. You can't answer that question on a message board anyway.

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