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While no one is ever disappointed, the ones searching for the unique experience find more when they discover Alaska’s hidden treasure…Cordova!

Cordova is a small, coastal town surrounded by glacier-carved mountains, nestled at the head of Orca Inlet in Eastern Prince William Sound.

She dazzles you with glacier-carved mountains, wildlife-rich wetlands, lush forests, and countless waterways.

Then, she blends this natural grandeur with exciting activities such as skiing, hiking, wildlife photography, boating, sport fishing, flight seeing, and more.

Part of Cordova’s charm is her remoteness, yet she is not isolated.

Scheduled daily jet service from Anchorage, Juneau, and Seattle makes it easy to visit, even on a tight timetable.

Cordova, and the surrounding Chugach Mountains are truly a natural treasure.

This blending of natural grandeur with exciting activities such as hiking, wildlife photography, boating, sport fishing, flight seeing and more makes Cordova an ultimate destination.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as ample snacks are provided for you.

Enjoy a variety of seafood from some of the richest waters in the world.

Our lodging facility at Orca consists of a 37-room, two-story newly developed lodge on the water’s edge immediately adjacent to your helicopter’s landing pad.

Upon your return from a daily outing, a steaming wood sauna anticipates your arrival.

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  1. Like many things in life, there are good and bad, some honest and some not. But I did not really like the site, and I went to see his policies regarding the refund, to see if a refund was possible. Their website says they respond to inquiries within two business days, but there were days between messages with no apologies for any inconveniences. The amount they charge for their services is ridiculous, especially knowing how awful their customer service is and that there are so few people that you will likely not meet anyone who lives near you. If you even want to read a message someone has sent you, you've got to pay up.