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Here are the top five lesser-known points to know: 1. An affidavit admitting to adultery with an unnamed party is sufficient for Divorce Act purposes. In the right circumstances, adultery can be condoned.Adultery may occur if there is “[i]ntimate sexual activity outside of marriage may represent a violation of the marital bond and be devastating to the spouse and the marital bond regardless of the specific nature of the sexual act performed.” 2. For example, if out of love and a desire to make the marriage work one spouse takes back an adulterous cheating spouse, then he or she may not be able to ask for a divorce based on the earlier adultery.This question of whether the NFP should be divided unequally comes up often: among other things courts must consider whether one of the spouses behaved in a manner that makes an even split unfair.Here are some of the categories of spousal misdeed that can come under the court’s scrutiny: 1. Solarino, 2010 ONSC 2927, the question was whether the husband should be held accountable for deceit and various financial misconduct designed to hide his reckless investments in the stock market.Hutchings (2001), 2001 Can LII 28130 (ON SC), 20 R. For the most part, the concept is quite straightforward: “Adultery” for these purposes is precisely what most people think it would be.However, from a Canadian legal standpoint there are some finer points that are worth mentioning, largely derived from cases that have been decided over the years.

For the most part, blame does not improve or diminish one’s property rights or entitlement to share family property in Ontario.

Instead – as with all civil actions – a court must be satisfied on a “preponderance” of credible evidence that adultery has taken place. where the facts and circumstances lead to the reasonable conclusion that adultery has indeed taken place.

However, a mere suspicion of adultery is not enough, nor is evidence that the other spouse had the opportunity to cheat.

Most recently, it has been alleged that Arnold Schwartzenegger fathered a child with the housekeeper employed in the home he shared with his wife of 25 years; prior to that, Tiger Woods has admitted to having sexual trysts with at least 14 women outside of his relatively short marriage.

Leaving aside the intriguing question of how adultery affects couples psychologically and emotionally (and why such powerful, successful people would jeopardize their marital relationships in this manner), the legal effect of adultery is quite clear.

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Questions often arise as to the whether the duration, extent or nature of the adultery matters when it comes to the right to obtain a divorce. Provided that it can be proven that adultery has been committed by one of the spouses, the other spouse can ask for a divorce.

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