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Firstly, the size of the user base and the popularity of the site is weighted higher than any other factor. A crappy interface makes the site clunky to use and users have less fun going through the profiles with a bad interface.

They also have personality tests and matching questions that they can answer, and they can write about themselves and upload pictures and whatnot. So online dating, and dating services may have started out as something that lame people do because they can’t find a date, but now more and more people are doing it because they actually enjoy that process more than meeting people in real life.That only encourages them to violate the site’s terms of service.Good sites will remove their accounts, but less legitimate sites will collect money from their membership and not care one way or the other.Cruising mode can be turned on and off so you don’t have to broadcast your location to everyone if you’re not interested in hooking up that night or whatever.Another perk to the legitimate sex dating sites is cam play with other users on the site.

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The negative reviews table includes sites that we believe have poor or small user bases and employ deceptive tactics such as catfishing in order to recruit more customers.

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