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So whether you are looking for Star Wars dating all the way to Star Trek dating, you will find the best website listed below.

Let’s stop wasting our precious time and teleport directly into the top six sites!

The philosophy behind this dating site is that people nerd like Apple products often have a lot in common--they tend to be dating types, such as designers, musicians, and writers, and more likely to for compatible with other creative types. Cupidtino is quick and easy to get started with, providing you have a Mac or an i OS-capable device yes, the site is designed for Apple fans, and is best accessed from Apple devices.

Geek name is a play on "Cupertino," where Apple has its headquarters.* See where others have succeeded in achieving quality online buddies * Does the online dating service has a good reputation?More than likely they will be the ones you have seen on TV commercials or in magazines, etc.Is it just me, nerd do people's photos look fantastic on this site?It's either all the white space or the fact that Apple fans really are best creative types, but dang. I got only a couple of messages in the week or so I was around. It's so clean and simple, with all these cute little icons and big beautiful pictures.

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Otaku Booty is sort of like the Android OS--a little too rough around the edges. It might deter the nongeeks from signing up, but it'll also deter the geeks.

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