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The rule is that every song has to describe the way you feel about the other person. Buy them a ring inscribed with “thank you” so that every time they look at it they’ll know how grateful you are for them and how treasured they really are. Go back to the place you originally met and take a photo there.Make this a regular tradition for every anniversary and watch what changes every year; not only how you guys age but how the environment where you met changes. If your partner has a sweet tooth, order a special made box of their favorite color of candy, so they don’t have to sort through the bag. You could also make customized M&Ms with both of your initials on them. Plan a scavenger hunt that takes you through your city to different places you’ve been on dates that are important to you. Plan out 12 dates that you’ll go on once a month for the next year.Purchase tickets and write out what each date will be and put it in an envelope.They’ll be touched that you’re encouraging to spend time with themselves pursing their hobby. Get an old school NES or Nintendo 64 from Amazon and spend a night embracing Nostalgia and having a Mario Kart tournament. Fill their room with balloons and on each balloon sharpie something that you love about them. Make a handwritten letter for them detailing some of your favorite memories you’ve had together for the last year. Whenever you come across something your partner would love, add it to your Amazon wishlist.No matter how big or small, just keep track of anything that strikes you as really “them” over the course of the year.Bring and old school disposable camera and print out the pics when you’re done so you’ll have a fun memory of the trip. Don’t drink for 30 days before your anniversary and then on your anniversary get incredibly drunk and throw the biggest party (but only you two are invited). Build a fort and spend all weekend inside it snuggling and watching movies. If you don’t have a lot of money right now, spend the day out cheering on an amateur sports team.The tickets will be a lot cheaper than professional sports. Try a new sport together like stand up paddleboarding or fat tire biking. Go on Etsy and find some art or little craft that’s a fun or interesting play on one of their favorite TV shows or movies. Find a place where you two can go ice skating and rent it out.

At the end of the date, give them a card with lottery tickets inside so you can keep fantasizing and talking about it all week. Handwrite them a love letter they can treasure forever. Surprise each other with a Spotify playlist you make especially for each other.

I think we all know by now that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are the definition of EXTRA in an amazing, adorable kind of way.

Their wedding day/month was the most lavish, spectacular affair, and the couple are all about celebrating their love as much and as often as they possibly can.

So lovely meeting you and thank you for the incredible show..will always be my baby @nickjonas Happy one year love! The incomparable @mariahcarey #Mimi -- you were amazing!

So lovely meeting you and thank you for the incredible show..will always be my baby @nickjonas Happy one year love!

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