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We manipulate the presence of peers by randomly assigning infants to an individual-learning condition or a paired-learning condition.Infants in the individual condition participated in all study sessions by themselves, whereas infants in the paired condition always participated with another infant (Fig. To measure infant’s foreign-language sound discrimination, we employ a behavioral measure, “conditioned head turn,” as well as a brain measure, event related potentials (ERPs). (2) reported results based on a conditioned head turn paradigm, but ERPs are also commonly used to assess infants’ ability to discriminate the sounds of language (15–23) exhibit the characteristic mismatch negativity (MMN), a negative-polarity waveform that occurs about 250–350 ms after the presentation of the deviant sound, indicating neural discrimination of the change from one phonetic unit to the other.A week after exposure, children who interacted with an unknown adult via Face Time recognized the adult and demonstrated word and pattern learning.Thus, research provides evidence that children’s ability to learn language from screens can be improved by technology that facilitates social interactions (e.g., video chats) (6, 8), by the content of media (e.g., reciprocal social interactions) (9), or with the context of screen media use (e.g., coviewing) (10).One study used video chats to ask if 24- to 30-mo-olds can learn language in a video context that incorporates social interactions (6).

In fact, when 24- to 30-mo-olds were exposed to novel verbs via video chat, children learned the new words just as well as from live social interactions.

Half of the children saw the novel verbs presented entirely on video; the other half saw a 50–50 split of presentations on video and delivered by a live social partner.

Children were tested on their ability to extend the novel verb to a new actor performing the same action.

This allows the field to move beyond the screen vs.

live dichotomy and focus the discussion on the role of interactivity for children’s learning.

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