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The trust mandates the rental income to the life tenant, and life tenant declares the rental income directly on their personal tax return.The beneficiary is also a partner in the partnership.Suggesting staffing levels may be helpful in the planning of services as a strategic view of workforce needs is essential on a national and regional level.But even in superficially similar settings - care homes, GP practices, hospital wards or clinics - the needs of people, the case mix and complexity will vary day-to-day and month-to-month. Some teams “work” whereas others do not, and this is due to the unique mix of personalities and talents involved, their leadership abilities and culture.Trying to impose national staffing targets disempowers mangers and clinicians from making their own judgements, and reduces their personal responsibility and accountability.To privilege numbers of staff over the quality of staff ignores the evidence of recent healthcare scandals, where it is the quality of care provided not the numbers of people providing it, which has most been at issue.We don’t prescribe how they should achieve those results, that’s their business - the demonstration of their professionalism and competence.

Work out if you need to report a Taxable payments annual report (TPAR) before submitting this form.

Regulation is a blunt instrument and regulating staffing levels is as blunt as you can get.

Right-touch regulation is regulation which is fit for purpose, with the minimum regulatory intervention to achieve the desired result.

My understanding is that the £1k property allowance isn't available when the rental income is from a partnership or company, and so I don't think that the beneficiary is eligible to claim the allowance against this income.

I can see that my predecessor has however claimed the allowance.

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