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Why can’t my baby floatsam wear the item “Bubbles in the Lake”?It does not appear as an option, but it does appear for my maraquan gelert. Or maybe official Neopets browser addons like the Shop Wizard?They currently do not work at the Grundo Warehouse.we saw these getting abused, so i am not sure if they will become redeemable again.Is there any chance the rules can allow romance between our Neopets?This is for subtle things like mentioning that they’re married or in a relationship. What would be considered against the rules to mention?

Some items on four legged pets are harder to enjoy/appreciate.

This may be a good way to release high rarity items without flooding the market.

unfortunately, with everything going on right now it is just not in the immediate plans.

that would be a big change to neopets, as it just isn't what we are about right now.

we are an open community and want everyone to feel safe and accepted, so it might come in the future, but until then its best not to mention romance.

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