My daughter is dating a loser

But there were a number of instances that just shouted " Hey whats up I'm Tom and I'm a loser." For example, Tom seemed to never have any money, usually blaming things like his rent being to high or his car needing to be worked on.

Due to this my sister ended up having to pay for the majority of the dates and dinners that they went on.

And then I spent the next year remembering all the dumb stuff I thought and did and put up with for him, and cringing over it. They used to live in Lithuania, had a newly renovated apartment, good jobs, family nearby, everything was pretty good.

Not that I would ever pick money over love (obviously considering I was going into major debt being with this guy), but my dad is a man of few words - everything he says has weight and purpose.While nothing compared to some of the stories here it doesn't feel great to see my daughter move in with a high school drop out and "take a break" from college.I'm expecting any day now to hear that her savings that was supposed to be for college will be going to pay off his debt...My little sister dated a guy who kept trying to convince her to drop out of a UC school and move into his mom's garage with him, up to and including threatening suicide if she didn't.It took way too much effort on my dad and my part to get her to put the kibosh on that relationship, mostly because the guy's mom thought my sister was good for him and tried to fight us on it.

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My daughter dated a guy who was a shitty, lying, lazy, abusive, gaslighting asshole.

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