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The OBSTACLE is what actually makes the desire even STRONGER.In the classic story of Romeo and Juliet, the OBSTACLE between them is that they come from enemy families.They make it SO easy, in fact, that it’s not FUN for these women.There’s no DYNAMIC in place to help these hotties experience the CHALLENGE so that they can then ENJOY the REWARD of getting that man!

Fractionation is when you split up the sexual actions over TIME rather than going for it all at ONCE.

Human beings naturally have a need to KNOW what role they are supposed to be in any given situation, just asfor example, the same man will behavedifferently in different ROLES, suchas being a father, son, friend, teacher,husband, lover, and so on.

So if you take on the FEMININE ROLEand if you behave less dominant, youbasically force HER to figure that YOU are the feminine one, and so therefore SHE must adopt the masculine and dominantrole, and she can NEVER feel attractionto you if you do that!

They were so happy to both have a chance to live a life, that they both APPRECIATED the opportunity enough to never take it for granted.

Now, I’m not saying that everyone has to put themselves through SUFFERING in order to really PUMP UP the maximum amount of DESIRE, however it IS crucial to understand that the more POWER someone has, the LESS likely he or she is to think something is so great.

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In the movie TITANIC, Jack and Rose are separated by CLASS.

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